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Ecodailygreen provides rainwater harvesting system equipment manufacturing and installation guide for your industry.

We supply rainwater collection system equipment, All that you are sourcing for your whole rain harvesting system projects.  What you see in the above banners, We all have.

Wholesale Rainwater Harvesting System Main Products

PP Modular Water Storage System
PP Modular Water Storage System
Sewage Interception Basket
Sewage Interception Basket
Initial rainwater discarding device
Initial Rainwater Discarding Device
(Outdoor) Rainwater Control Cabinet
(Outdoor) Rainwater Control Cabinet
Integrated Purifying Device
Integrated Purifying Device
Geotextile Fabric
Geotextile Fabric

All-Around Rainwater Collection System Solution

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As a professional rainwater harvesting system supplier, We can service all you need.

Collect rainwater and groundwater from the roof, coarse-grained filter impurities first, and then purify again through an automatic chlorination device. The purified water can be used for watering flowers, washing cars, flushing toilets, etc., but not as drinking water.

Manufactured using first-generation food-grade recycled materials to ensure consistent and long-term structural integrity, the Ecodailygreen rainwater collection system is the strongest and easiest to install modular rainwater retention and detention system in the world.

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Our PP modular water storage system features unlimited storage capacity, open channels for inspection cameras and cleaning, flexible design options, and ease of inspection. Unique channel design allows inspection and cleaning of the chamber. Often installed on the bottom layer of a modular system along with a Vario shaft for filtration and inspection access.

Ecodailygreen is today’s leading solution for rainwater storage. Please call +8613951936338 for additional configuration and freight pricing.

Rainwater Harvesting System Installation Guide

We are your best choice when you have a rainwater collection system project and sourcing rain harvesting system equipments. Ecodailygreen supplies the whole rainwater harvesting system, and offer installation guide and design drawing.

rainwater harvesting system on construction

We are ready to help at every step of the construction process.  

Rainwater Harvesting System Projects

Water is the most critical resource for our survival. But now, there is a shortage of water resources, and we need to find ways to use other water while saving water. The rainwater collection system is a good solution for reusing rainwater to meet daily water consumption.

Rainwater Harvesting System Projects

RainWater Harvesting System Manufacturing Vendor

We are your best choice when you have a rainwater collection system project and sourcing rain harvesting system equipments. Ecodailygreen supplies the whole rainwater harvesting system, and offer installation guide and design drawing.

RainWater Harvesting System Manufacturing vendor

The manufacturing team of Ecodailygreen can turn your rainwater collection system to satisfy your business goals. Save money with our bulk orders! Each rain collection system complies with global safety standards that help you win more and more projects among target demographics.

Suppose you are sourcing various rainwater harvesting system products from the leading manufacturers and purchasing them in volume quantities. In that case, we can become your trusted supplier and Provide after-sales technical support.

As a Qualified rainwater harvesting system supplier, We maintain a showroom and warehouse in China. We give you choices on price and technology that best suit your needs. Each rainwater collection system project is different, and We can tailor solutions to suit your needs. You can choose the right product at the right price here.

Why Choouse Us As Your Rainwater Harvesting System Supplier

Rainwater Harvesting System Manufacturer and Servicer

One-stop rainwater collection system solution provider

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Systematized design, Risk control, Craftsmanship. Continuously upgrade according to customer needs.
High-quality PP material, sewage rainwater efficiently, Automatic cleaning filter, Easy to maintain, long service life.
Equipped with standard safety facilities in workshop modular production, strictly control the quality of all products and accessories.
1-2 warranty, 24-hour WhatsApp online, fast processing speed, and spare parts all comply with international standards, and the failure rate is low.

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