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Are you sourcing kitchen compost bins for resale or wholesale? Look no further than ECODAILY Green’s indoor compost buckets that use bokashi composting. Run through this page now!

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The High-quality Bokashi Bin for You

OEM & ODM | MOQ: 200 Pcs

The indoor composting kit is a unique internal system that recycles kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer. This system, with bokashi, requires less time than conventional composting methods and almost has no unpleasant odor.

Friendly to the environment and easy to use, our indoor kitchen compost bins have entered thousands of families, schools, restaurants, etc.

  • SGS Certified
  • Place of Origin: China
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Kitchen compost bins important specs

Product Name: Countertop Kitchen Compost Bin, Indoor Composter with Bokashi (4 Gallon,Grey)
Material: Durable PP
Size: L23.6″*W11.8″*H33.5″ (L600*W300*H850mm)
Capacity: 4 gallon (15L)
Certifications: ISO9001:2015, EN840, ISO4001:2015, etc
Weight: 9.5 kg±3%
Packing: 8 pcs/ carton
MOQ: 200 pcs
Lead Time: Est. Time (days): 25
Applications: Widely used for composting organic waste in the indoors regarding households, schools, etc

Kitchen compost bins outstanding parts

bokashi bins for the kitchen and indoors
  • Rubber Gasket for Air Tightness– We use rubber gaskets to ensure tightness inside the bin and not destroy the composting process.
  • Double Coverage– Double buckle lock cover on both sides tighten the fermentation bucket, prevent air in and out. 
  • Portable Pad– Easy to place, fit well with the barrel, realize solid-liquid separation.
  • Easy-to-access Compost Tea– Our compost bin’s design features a built-in spigot that makes accessing nutrient-rich compost tea quick and easy.
  • Bokashi– Start the composting process immediately using the microbial power of bokashi to ferment daily food waste without additional effort.

ECODAILY Green’s target clients: Wholesaler, Importer, Distributor, Retail Store, Garden Items Supplier, etc. In short, if you are interested in stock bokashi kitchen composter, we have high-quality bokashi bins for sale and colossal inventory to meet your market needs.

Kitchen compost bins key features

  1. Instant Composting. ECODAILY Green indoor compost bins are more than just food waste containers. Unlike other countertop compost bins for the kitchen, our bokashi composters start organic fermentation instantly before moving to an outdoor compost bin.
  2. Low Odor. This all-in-one bokashi composting kit uses microorganisms to ferment organic scraps without foul smell or flies. ECODAILY Green waste compost buckets are kitchen-friendly, 100% sealed with an airtight lid to facilitate closed fermentation.
  3. Indoor Plants Nutrition. Featuring a built-in socket, ECODAILY Green kitchen compost bins make access to nutrient-rich compost tea (a potent plant fertilizer) quick and easy. Meanwhile, bokashi compost preserves more nutrients than traditional composting methods.
  4. Eco High-Quality Materials. Designed to be eco-friendly and high-performance, our indoor compost bins are made of BPA-free plastic that won’t weaken during the decomposition process and will not allow harmful chemicals to penetrate the compost. 

Applications of Kitchen Compost Bins Bokashi

ECODAILY Green possesses rich experience and mature technology for manufacturing eco-friendly indoor bokashi compost bins. We have cooperated with customers from more than 30 countries worldwide.

use compost tea to water plants

Compost Tea Usage1

Fertilizer the plants and flowers by diluting the compost tea and water with 1:100 perception.

compost tea for pipe descaling

Compost Tea Usage2

Use bokashi compost liquid fertilizer to clean the kitchen sink and drain without dilution.

daily compost for planting

Solid Compost Usage1

Mix the solid compost with soil according to 1:3 proportion so as to plant the pots.

drop compost into a garden composter

Solid Compost Usage2

Use it as nutrients when burying it in the earth and covering it with 6-10 inches of soil.

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Buckets and Composters Wholesale Catalog

ECODAILY Green is a professional team and market leader manufacturer in China, who supply all kinds of daily composters and bins, etc. Welcome to download our complete product catalog, and our consultants will get to you as soon as possible. 

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what is a bokashi composting system

Kitchen & Indoor Bokashi Bins

The bokashi composting method originated in Japan, which means “fermented organic matter” in Japanese. Bokashi compost is a way of decomposing kitchen waste through anaerobic fermentation by mixing EM (Effective Microorganism) live bacteria preparation into kitchen waste and putting them into a sealed compost bucket with drainage at the bottom. 


  • Facultative anaerobic fermentation
  • Lactic acid bacteria, monomycetes, and yeasts

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FAQs of Kitchen Compost Bins

Q1: Are there any options to purchase?

A: Yes. In addition to 4-gallon kitchen compost bins, we also supply smaller ones in 2.4 gallons and bigger ones in 5.6 gallons. Reach out to our consultants for more inquiry details.

Q2: Is this bin BPA-free?

A: Yes, it is. Provided the compost is ready for vegetables or fruits, we do not recommend using composters that contain BPA.

Q3: How to judge whether the compost is mature?

A: White hyphae will appear in the barrel after filling and sealing the kitchen waste for 15-30 days. Once the mycelium fades, the waste will decompose and come into use within 7-10 days.

Usually, it only takes about 5-10 days to get liquid fertilizer; but solid compost takes as short as 4-6 weeks.

Q4: Does it smell bad?

A: No, it doesn’t. ECODIALY Green compost bucket adopts a solid-liquid separation design. There will be no peculiar smell during the composting process, provided the liquid fertilizer is taken out in time. 

Compost tea accumulation is the main source of odors. So do not leave the liquid fertilizer in the bucket; otherwise, immediately seal the compost bin for 3-5 days.

Q5: Can this be used on vegetable and fruit gardens?

A: Yes. Using bokashi compost will re-add microbes that grow without oxygen to the soil in gardens. Pay attention to burying the compost within 6-10 inches of the roots of any surrounding plants. If so, the high nutrient density of compost makes it too strong for the root system to handle. 

Q6: Do you provide EM compost bacteria, and is it necessary to add them to the composting process?

A: Yes, we can sell EM compost bacteria in combination or individually. The notable function of EM bacteria is to promote fermentation speed, but not a necessity during composting. 

Usage: Spread EM bacteria spread on kitchen waste and mix every 20 liters of kitchen waste with 100 grams of bacteria, sealed fermentation. Collect compost tea regularly, and organic fertilizer can be fermented for 1 – 2 months.

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