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Any doubts or questions about ECODAILY GREEN? Don't worry, our experts will directly answer you and we've compiled a series of FAQs about eco friendly products from our customers.
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Q1. What are the main product ranges you supply ?

ECODAILY Green product ranges mainly cover:

  • Organic composting 
  • Garbage recycling processing
  • Seawater desalination treatment

Q2. Are you a factory or just a trading company ?

ECODAILY Green is a China-based factory of manufacturing eco friendly products and supplying sustainable services. 

Q3. How to reach out to you ?

Currently, there are 3 ways you can get in touch with ECODAILY Green sales team.

  1. You can send us an email directly at
  2. Submit your contact form and inquiry details on our contact us page.
  3. Find and click the pop-up button “Quick Quote” on the menu to get an instant quote.

Q4. Do you offfer OEM or ODM service ?

To satisfy the international market needs of more diversified products and services referring to environmental protection and sustainability, ECODAILY Green spur on their professional R&D department and production team to provide quality custom manufacturing service.

Q5. What's your lead time ?

ECODAILY Green’s lead time takes regularly 15-30 days. But it will take 45-60 days in peak season.

Q6. Whta's your packaging ? Can I customize my logo or design ? Any extra charge ?

Without special requirements, ECODAILY Green use traditional corrugated boxes for packing.

With special requirements such as logo customization or colored carton boxes, we can bespoke and may need some extra cost.

Q7. What about the payment ?

TT, LC are available. Sample order under $500 is OK to use credit or PayPal.

Q8. How to be your distributor ?Any support ?

Appreciated if you could have such an idea. ECODAILY Green need to confirm some information of your company and yourself because becoming our distributor is based on our existing cooperation or meet certain order amount.

Support that ECODAILY Green provide:

  • Precise delivery date
  • Price advantage/Rebate
  • Photos, videos and other materials
  • New product priority recommendation
  • Web Promotion: Negotiable
  • Exclusive right

Eco Friendly Products FAQs

Q1. What's eco friendly product ?

An eco-friendly product is a product that won’t damage the ecology or waste natural resources. Eco products are usually regarded as sustainable products providing environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal. 

Q2. Why buy eco-friendly products ?

There is no law requiring you to purchase eco products and services in a sustainable manner, but it can help:


  • Reduce waste and save natural resources;
  • Relieve human behavior’s impact on the environment;


  • Save money throughout the lifecycle of a product or service;
  • Improve your corporate reputation;
  • Take advantage of tax breaks or governmental support;


  • Improve the livelihoods of individuals and communities.

Q3. Do consumers prefer environmentally friendly products ?

Mostly, they do.

According to our sustainable business index, nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers are willing to pay more for recyclable and sustainable products. The survey results indicate that 78% are more likely to buy products clearly marked as environmentally friendly.

Q4. Why eco friendly products are more expensive ?

To sum up, you have to learn from these reasons.

  1. Sustainable materials cost more to grow and manufacture.
  2. Reputable third-party institution will further increase costs on certification, and using organic materials is more expensive than alternatives such as mass-produced chemicals.
  3. Simple economies of scale also affect prices.

Q5. Eco friendly products that we can use in daily life ?

A bunch of products with environmentally friendly labels have emerged on the market. ECODAILY Green list some items that are convenient for daily use for reference.

  • Certified compostable bins
  • Recycled toilet tissue
  • Recycled plastic toothbrush
  • Eco friendly decking
  • Recycled floor mats
  • Eco computer accessories
  • Toys made from recycled milk jugs
  • Biodegradable garden pots, etc

Q6. Where to buy eco friendly products wholesale ?

For single consumers who only need a small quantity, we recommend buying from e-commerce platforms like Amazon or from local retail shops.

For business owners who are responsible for wholesale or distributing eco friendly products, we suggest looking for manufacturers on Made-in-China. Otherwise, you can import from ECODAILY Green.


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