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Wholesale Compost Bins Just in One Place - The Ultimate Solutions

Looking for a business partner where you can buy compost bins at wholesale price? We have got you covered. Learn more on how we can work together.

Hi, I'm Pearl from ECODAILY Green. Let me guide you through this ultimate compost bins wholesale solutions page.

Having been a member of ECODAILY Green Co., Ltd for 10 years, I work with ECODAILY Green, growing from its humble beginnings into a world-class company for recycling compost bins and other eco-friendly products.

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Best Eco Hot Compost Bins Wholesale for You

We have a complete compost bin wholesale catalog. Let ECODAILY Green become your supplier of eco-friendly composting products. Here are some of our best-selling composters:

indoor food recycling compost bin

Bokashi Kitchen Compost Bin

Material: BPA-free PP Plastic

Capacity: 4 Gallons (15 Liters)

MOQ: 200 Pieces

garden tumbling composter

Garden Tumbling Composter

Material: BPA-free PP + Carbon Steel

Capacity: 43 Gallons (160 Liters)

MOQ: 200 Pieces

worm compost container

Worm Composting Bin 3-Tray

Material: PP Plastic

NW: 4.9 KGs/ GW: 5.5 KGs

MOQ: 100 Pieces

daily waste composting

Compost Bin Converter Outdoor

Material: PP Plastic

Capacity: 66 Gallons (250 Liters)

MOQ: 300 Pieces

compost bins wholesale for daily waste recycle

Square Compost Container

Material: BPA-free HDPE Plastic

Capacity: 80 Gallons (300 Liters)

MOQ: 100 Pieces

stainless steel dry waste eco compost

Gahna Large Outdoor Composter

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 190 Gallons (720 Liters)

MOQ: 100 Pieces

bokashi compost bins wholesale for kitchen

Bokashi compost bins wholesale

If there is not enough space to put a large-size recycling composter indoors, the ECODAILY Green indoor compost bin is the right option and will not make the kitchen smelly. This kind of compost bucket relies on bokashi bran — anaerobic fermentation to speed up the composting process.

tumbling composter for gardens

Tumbling compost bins wholesale

Practical and easy to use, this garden tumbling composter is intelligently made with high-quality materials in a rodent-proof design that keeps anything else out. ECODAILY Green’s dual rotating batch compost bins can hold a large amount of kitchen waste, grass clippings, and other courtyard and garden waste.

Worm compost bins wholesale

This affordable worm composter is designed for families of 1 to 4 people, with three stacked trays and more to handle additional compost materials. The base has a faucet for feeding worm tea. The kit includes an initial worm pad, hand rake, scraper, and manual. It is made of recycled plastic in China with extended service life.

Why Choose Our Compost Bins Wholesale?

We produce compost bins & tumblers with the most advanced technology to take advantage of daily organic waste. Our success lies in our commitment to excellent quality and customer service. Over the past decade, we have served thousands of domestic enterprises and families. Now we also want to win together abroad.

Our 15 years of practical experience in manufacturing compost bins has made us a veteran in saving daily waste. From choosing raw materials, turning them into final goods, to marketing and shipping them all over the world, ECODAILY Green is the name you can trust.

Want to know how we do business? Let’s get started!

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Recyclable Compost Bins Wholesale Price

It’s quite an issue that we are cautious about your payment security. The following is a summary of the costs you will bear.

Customization Fee
Pay a small fee to bespoke your product regarding the specification or carton design at an unbeatable price.

The shipping cost is usually necessary based on FOB terms. Otherwise, you have to pay travel expenses on the way to your designated forwarder.

30% T/T
Decide whether to pay a total amount or pay 30% of the entire wholesale amount.

ecodaily green tumbling composting

Sample Fee
You need to pay a minimal amount for a single compost bin while a little more for the order with several samples.

Miscellaneous Expenses
Any other fees related to taxes, service fees, fines, and late fees are usually low-cost.

70% Final Cost
Receive the products you ordered once you complete the remaining amount within the agreed date.

Estimated Compost Bins Lead Time from Our Factory

Apart from quality first, we also pay special attention to delivery time. All staff in each segment are racing against time to improve work efficiency continuously. ECODAILY Green responds to customers so fast that more and more customers approach us. Below is the time we conduct on export business.


Step1. Negotiation and offer time

It won’t take much time to get a quote and agree to our offer. FOB is the most commonly used quotation method for both parties.

manufacturing composters

Step2. Design and manufacturing time

After signing the contract, we will start to set about mass production. Before production, our factory takes photos of samples for you for confirmation.

compost bins wholesale packing

Step3. Packing and reorganizing time

It’s easy to carry out batch packaging and marking according to the contract terms. We stagger and arrange compost bins in case of different specifications.

customs clearance

Step4. Customs clearance and loading time

Customs clearance procedures are highly cumbersome and important. Once the customs is cleared smoothly, we will load the goods and transport them to dispatch ports.

sea shipping

Step5. Sea shipping time

If everything is safe and sound during shipment, you need to wait for a bit of time. If unfortunately, there happens an accident, we will give you a solution as soon as possible.

ecodaily green short lead time

Step6. Documents and land transportation time

After the balance arrives, you will get all documents for picking up the shipped goods. You can decide how to collect them.

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